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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fresh Start - a little piece of the story

I stepped into the blog world in the Spring 2009.
It was like a blast and I knew just a few about blogging.

Started at first with Wordpress, just as another "window" to connect myself with the people who like scrapbook, handmade cards and general paper crafts as I do.
But later on I found I needed more time than I really had to learn & use all the things Wordpress offers to make a nice blog. I wanted something faster and easier.

So, weeks after my first blog without the results I was expecting, I began my "virtual journey" at Blogspot.com.

Then I realized that sometimes, LESS IS MORE, and make things simple is absolutely great.

This is my blog #5 and I'm glad to say this one is just ME.

God Bless.

Lya L.

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