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Friday, January 31, 2014

A birthday card

Today I made a "last-minute" kind of birthday card.
I like it how it looks simple yet good :).
It's going to be given to my son's teacher for her birthday.

It has an extra pocket on the inside to tuck in a Starbucks gift card.

Here are the snapshots of the card:

Have a great Friday!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Multicultural Day @ school and a cute gingerbread man

The teachers requested a project which is basically a simplified version of display - it would show photos of icons or meaningful things that can represent the country of the choice (by student), alongside a decorated gingerbread man with, of course, some clothing that would show the ethnicity of that country.

In our case, we chose Brazil. And what can be cuter for a brazilian gingerbread man than a set of soccer ball player outfit? We followed the colors and details carefully so it can tell by itself.

I made sure JW got the cutting part covered. I'm so glad to see how much he improved in his cutting skills since kindergarten days, not too bad for a first grader now.
This can also be just a mommy thing. :D

I will come back with another post about the display that is in the school right now.

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