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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aula de Scrapbook - "Mamaes Brasil" group

Today I'm sharing the project that was designed to be taught last week in a group setting of Bay area's brazilian mommies I met back in last December.

This 6" x 6" accordion style mini album is fun and easy to make - the student can get it done within 1:30 to 2 hours and the kit each person receives allows lots of leftover supplies to take home(brads, stickers, metal embellishments, ribbons, etc) so to work with other projects as desired.

The best of all is they can go home with a finished project - ready to use

Supplies: all materials from CTMH


Below are some of the class notes I had (traslated in Brazilian Portuguese):


1. Os papeis estampados ou “patterned papers”( B&T= background and texture) sao de estilo dupla face que te permite variar cores mantendo o mesmo padrao de design. Voce pode copiar o meu modelo ou trocar de cor, se preferir.

2. Os tipos de cola que usei neste projeto sao: glue dots(para “metal “tag”), glue tape(tipo runner – para papeis em geral), sticky ou tacky tape( cola forte para fita de tecido”ribbon”). Para as fotos, voce podera usar cola tipo tab, square ou tape, desde que seja “ acid-free” ou “archival-free”. Veja sempre a embalagem antes de comprar.

3. Recomendo o uso de perfurador ou “paper piercer” para colocar os brads, assim evita "amassar" o papel. Eu prefiro usar paper piercer pois este tambem ajuda a abrir e fechar os hastes dos brads.

4. E’ mais facil montar a pagina com todas as partes e depois aderir a folha do album. Assim evita extra manuseios que podem “judiar” do album.

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