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Monday, March 8, 2010

where to go??

This picture I took a time ago, when we had a day getaway at SF.

Initially I just wanted to get an image to show we're off to beach way but then later on I realized this could be a bit further than just a "signage".

Beach could be anywhere wonderful we're heading to, or in a metaphorical way...somewhere we'd like to be. "Right Turns Only" is said when you'are supposed to choose a direction and follow it to get to a destination, or in a creative vibe, you choose something you're meant to do.

Well, all these can be applied into a paper crafter CREATIVE daily routine.

Did you find your "beach" today?
Where are you heading to?
The answers may drive you to a creative and fun ideas for you, your projects and your day.

Enjoy the process.

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